Top 5 destinations for Asian Studies

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Asia is probably largest continent on the planet. With a glorious and very mysterious past, it is a perfect environment to learn about other cultures, learn new things. In short, study of all kinds. Thus, the Chinese Empire to the Maharajas of India by way of the samurai of Japan, Asia offers many opportunities for young students and professionals looking for new challenges. The reason is that there are countries in economic boom and particularly banking on quality of education. Here are the 5 best destinations for study in Asia.

1 – Thailand
You definitely thought about China, but Thailand who won the prize for best destination in Asia to study. It is indeed a country that is part of the new industrial powers, providing multiple opportunities for both students and for international training of researchers. Moreover, employability of Thailand is very strong and it offers multiple opportunities for students.

2 – China
The second largest economy is also a destination for studies in Asia. This is a country that panic all meters both economically on the demographics of plan. Although the main working language is Mandarin, English is widely used especially in universities.

3 – Singapore
The Singaporean environment, symbol of rigor and openness, influence no doubt in your university. The country is a former member of the four dragons of Asia and the purchasing power of its inhabitants is one of the highest in the world. You will certainly live in the best possible conditions.

4 – India
India and a respected country in the world by the quality of technical education and its highly equipped universities. It is also a country with enormous economic potential that is growing exponentially while remaining integrated with respect to its principles. India offers to foreign students and quality training to ensure their good opportunities.

5 – Malaysia
Malaysia is a country that experienced the strongest growth rates in the world. In just 25 years, the country has gone developing country status to that of developed countries. In terms of training, it is a country that offers multiple opportunities to study and especially interesting opportunities.

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